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High Content Screening Platforms for the Evaluation of Steatosis Induction in 2D and 3D HepG2 Cultures

Steatosis, or the increased accumulation of lipids in the liver, can be induced by several factors including exposure to steatogenic drugs and through perturbations in lipid metabolism indicative of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Hepatic lipid accumulation is a key driver of morphological and functional changes to liver architecture that leads to the development of acute and chronic liver disease and fibrosis2. We have developed a number of high content screening platforms to screen for drug induced steatosis using 2D HepG2 cells and 3D HepG2 C3A spheroid cultures and adapted our 3D spheroid platform to evaluate steatosis induced by dietary fatty acids. Here we demonstrate our high throughput screening platforms utilising automated ECHO 650 and Biomek NxP liquid handling combined with High Content Imaging of lipid accumulation using the ImageXpress Micro Confocal.

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