Generation and validation of human monocyte-derived microglia (MDMi); a Sygnature Discovery screening platform for identifying novel anti-neuroinflammatory drugs

At Sygnature Discovery, we have recently validated the methodology to generate MDMi, an in vitro human cell model to allow the study of anti-neuroinflammatory drugs.


To overcome some of the limitations of primary microglia (limited cell number and restricted life-span in vitro), Sygnature Discovery has validated the generation of MDMi from human monocytes. MDMi shows consistent phenotypic characteristics with primary microglia, as well as expected functionality with P2X7 receptor-mediated calcium signalling and phagocytosis. MDMi shows potential as a microglia model for identifying and characterising novel anti-neuroinflammatory drugs and assisting in the in vitro to in vivo translation.

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