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Who We Are

Sygnature Discovery prides itself on offering a unique, high-quality, distinctive and tailored integrated drug discovery service to our clients.

Our mission is to be admired for the science we do, to deliver a track record of success for our clients and to create a work place where our staff are able to thrive and develop their careers and lives.

Our vision is to deliver the best science that we can, which makes a positive impact to our clients’ research activities and ultimately creates better drugs for patients with unmet medical need.

For several years we have been building a sustainable company where financial success meets enthusiastic people. We know we cannot buy culture; instead we invest in our people. Culture takes years to build and we know how important this is to find and retain the right people. By doing so we have created a friendly environment, combining youth and expertise, where enthusiastic scientists with a client-centric focus will use their skills to deliver successful drug candidates through innovation and commitment.

We are different

Our style is to work collaboratively; becoming a part of our clients’ drug discovery team. Be their own team. Adjust our style and the way we work.  Culture and communication is an essential part of that close working. This can be quite challenging because it means transparency in both directions which can be counter intuitive for some people. We want to understand the issues and requirements. And the more we do, the more likely our clients are to succeed.

We endeavour to allocate the right people to the right work and the right projects. We put every effort in creating high performing teams that fit our clients’ needs.

Our Values



Which means

  • We understand project context, goals and challenges
  • We are partners with our customers
  • We communicate clearly and regularly
  • We are transparent
  • We are flexible
  • We are your team at Sygnature Discovery



Which means

  • We encourage, develop and implement new ideas and ways of working
  • We have a modern, purpose built facility
  • We are proud of our science
  • We believe by innovating we can provide superior technology that will increase the chances of a successful outcome in drug discovery
  • We translate ideas into plans and services that create value for our customers



Which means

  • We are highly qualified & skilled
  • We love smart, win-win, solutions
  • We take pride in results
  • We encourage thought leadership
  • We are continuously growing in knowledge
  • We attract and employ enthusiastic, expert scientists and provide continuous training to enable them to fulfil their aspirations
  • Our people are our success

Meet Our Team

The Sygnature leadership team embodies a dynamic and multifaceted fusion of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and expertise. With a shared dedication to excellence, this team unites passionate scientists, adept chemists, accomplished…


Company History

Since 2004 Sygnature Discovery has been offering high-quality drug discovery services and providing guidance and support to customers for the discovery and development of novel medicines. We have grown significantly…


Working with Us

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Our Gender Pay Gap

We're committed to promoting equal opportunities for all our employees. That's why we're taking positive steps to reduce our gender pay gap. We believe it's important to publish our gender…