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Metabolite Drug Identification (Met-ID)

Any Metabolite drug can be identified using the skill and experience of our dedicated team, drawing from many years of expertise in client collaborations. This allows manual data processing on a scan-by-scan basis without the need to use Met-ID software packages which, depending on how the software is configured, can miss the more unusual metabolites and generate a large number of possible metabolites that, on closer interrogation, are not related.

Sygnature’s DMPK and bio-transformational capabilities are supplemented by extensive expertise in complementary analytical techniques, including high-resolution mass spectrometry, nuclear magnetic resonance, chemically intelligent software algorithms and mass spectrometry imaging.

This approach allows for a more pragmatic, multi-disciplinary approach to answering critical problems around biotransformation and drug metabolism. We focus on answering those critical questions using context-driven analytical techniques, aiming to provide robust, submission-ready data, collaborative support and scientific influence.

We combine high levels of expertise with a wide range of state-of-the-art tools and technologies.

We listen carefully to the questions our customers are looking to answer. This context-driven approach is backed up by the application of best-practice techniques to help reach clear decisions quickly.

We can offer a range of tailored services to meet your needs. This can be the identification of the major metabolite drug route to support optimisation strategy or support pharmacological species selection, or detailed cross-species hepatocyte comparisons for identification of appropriate species for safety studies.

Reporting is project-specific and will depend on the nature of the project, ranging from a simple table of proposed structures to provision of extracted ion chromatograms, MS and MS/MS spectra with interpretation of the data for each metabolite.

High-resolution mass spectrometry from our Thermo Scientific™ Q Exactive™ Focus Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap™ is combined with both skilled manual data interrogation and chemically intelligent software algorithms for the characterisation of metabolites. Together, this approach allows for maximum metabolic drug coverage, while also addressing key biotransformation questions, in a time-efficient manner.

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