Evolution of Compound Library – Screening at Sygnature Discovery

This poster will take you through the development of small molecule compound library screening at Sygnature Discovery over the last decade.  The journey starts with semi-automated small compound libraries, Medium Throughput Screening (MTS), fragment screening and then progresses through acoustic dispensing, leading to the establishment of our fully integrated High-Throughput Screening (HTS) facility. HTS is a well-established and successful process in the drug discovery industry that is used to rapidly and precisely identify novel and progress-able chemical starting points.  To achieve this requires a dynamic synergy of many disciplines – medicinal chemistry, biology, informatics and advanced automation technology, all of which we have incorporated in to our new, state of the art system which will ensure data fidelity and compound integrity.

Over the last decade we have gained extensive experience of screening a wide variety of drug target classes and assay technologies, starting with using computationally targeted small compound libraries, as well as diverse commercial libraries like LOPAC®1280, and then to the design and implementation of a diverse LeadFinder Library which currently stands at 150,000 compounds, the properties and quality of this compound library is discussed in more detail below.

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