Structure-Based Drug Discovery

Structure-Based Drug Discovery (SBDD) techniques available at Sygnature are able to guide our client projects to increased efficiency by minimizing the synthesis of unnecessary compounds.

Structure based drug discovery involves the use of structural biology information to guide the design of new and improved compounds. Three-dimensional structural information is very valuable to map ligand interactions within the protein binding site and combined with computational techniques offers precious insights to advance drug design, and to move forward in the drug discovery process with more confidence.

  • Our expert scientists can apply Structure based drug discovery techniques and use structural data at various stages of the project for hit identification, hit-to-lead and lead optimisation.
  • We can offer a unique starting point for Structure based drug discovery through fragment screening of our proprietary fragment library.
  • Our affiliation and close collaboration with Peak Proteins, offering protein production and X-ray crystallography, allows us to quickly obtain new 3D structural data to assess protein flexibility and feed back into the optimisation process.
  • We have extensive expertise in the use of computational techniques for structure-based drug design to exploit all the available structural information and help progress your series further.

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