In Vivo Pharmacology

Enhancing In Vivo Pharmacology for Effective Therapeutic Validation

Validating the effectiveness of novel therapeutics through in vivo studies represents a pivotal phase within the realm of drug discovery. As a dedicated provider specialising in in vivo pharmacology, we possess the expertise to design and execute robust experimental animal models that drive your compounds closer to clinical fruition. Our approach is a blend of well-established disease models and bespoke model development services, meticulously customised to align with the demands of your unique project. We take pride in our adaptive and transparent work ethos, nurturing collaborative partnerships with our valued clients.

Unveiling the Power of In Vivo Pharmacology

Our highly qualified in vivo pharmacology professionals are uniquely positioned within our integrated drug discovery teams. This strategic placement empowers us to provide holistic, multidisciplinary support that expedites your journey in drug discovery. Every in vivo testing study is meticulously supported by dedicated project leaders. Our engagement options are versatile, spanning from standalone fee-based services to full-time equivalent (FTE) project arrangements, accommodating your preferences and necessities.

Expertise that Encompasses Key Therapeutic Frontiers

Our in vivo pharmacology virtuosos have honed their expertise across four key therapeutic domains, which are:

Championing Ethical Practices and High Standards

At the heart of our endeavour lies a team of extensively trained animal technicians and scientists. Committed to upholding the principles of UK legislation and the highest standards of animal welfare, we meticulously abide by the tenets of the 3Rs—Replacement, Refinement, and Reduction of animals in research.

For a deeper dive into our methodologies, principles, and impactful outcomes, we invite you to explore further by visiting our animal welfare policy. Experience the transformational capabilities of in vivo pharmacology in redefining the landscape of therapeutic advancement.

In Vivo Pharmacology Services

CNS Disorder Models

Sygnature has a unique and extensive experience in diseases of the CNS including Psychiatric Disorders, which can be a particularly challenging field for drug development.


Fibrosis and Inflammation Models

We have established a range of in vivo and ex vivo pharmacology models, which enables careful assessment of drug candidates.


Metabolic Models

Explore Sygnature Discovery's cutting-edge metabolic models designed to unravel the complexities of metabolic diseases. With decades of expertise, our scientists lead in drug discovery for metabolic disorders, offering a comprehensive range of in vivo models from obesity to diabetes, kidney disease, and more. Discover how our advanced technologies and tailored solutions pave the way for effective treatments.


Oncology Models

Sygnature Discovery's Translational Oncology team provides tailored, high-quality in vivo pharmacology services for your research needs. With expertise in diverse oncology models, we offer customised studies covering tumour pharmacodynamics, efficacy, dose, and more. Whether you need consultancy or integrated collaboration, our experienced drug hunters bring valuable insights to every project. Contact us to discuss your oncology models and drive progress in drug discovery.