Here at Sygnature Discovery, we aim to attract the best talent from around the world. Offering varied careers in drug discovery across multiple scientific disciplines.

We are looking for people that share our passion for drug discovery research. We recruit great scientists with the same ambition to improve people’s health through their work and have the technical ability to see it through. We are able to sponsor employees under the Skilled Worker Visa sponsorship scheme so welcome world wide applications.

Please check out our current vacancies. If you do not see an opportunity available which is right for you at this time, please submit your CV here and we will get in touch when a suitable opportunity arises.

Why Work for Sygnature Discovery?

With a great balance of young and experienced scientists, we offer a dynamic and exciting work atmosphere. We strive to provide platforms for career development that nurture enthusiastic scientists and are underpinned by training opportunities that unlock people’s potential. We look to attract and reward passionate, client-centric scientists who want to contribute to projects and science which will lead to a brighter future.

Located in the heart of Nottingham and in Alderley Park, Cheshire, Sygnature Discovery provides integrated drug discovery services. Our diverse range of services includes Medicinal Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Bioscience, DMPK and Discovery Toxicology capabilities and expertise combined with consultancy and intellectual input to projects. We support our clients from as early as target validation/hit-identification all the way to lead optimisation and early-stage drug development.

With clients worldwide, collaboration is at our core – we work together with our clients to deliver drug candidates that make it to the clinic. We have a history of success, 15 drugs invented at Sygnature have progressed into the clinic since 2011. Innovation is key to our success. We use state-of-the-art technologies and operate in a modern, and continuously improving way to discover and develop drugs in a cost-effective, efficient manner that meets our clients’ expectations. Last but not least, expertise is vital to us, and therefore we employ and empower talented and skilled people who are customer-centric and enthusiastic about science. We are committed to developing our employees and believe their satisfaction translates in the best experience for our customers.

We offer:


Training and Development

Our training and development platforms nurture enthusiastic scientists and aim to unlock people’s potential to their maximum