Establishing an ASMS capability to Broaden High Throughput Hit Finding Capabilities at Sygnature Discovery

Sygnature Discovery aims to broaden its hit-finding capabilities to support more complex targets brought to us by our customers, which are less amenable to screening by more traditional methods. Since ASMS can identify the binding of ligands to any available pocket of your target, this lends itself to the development of functional modulators as well as targeted protein degradation (TPD) approaches utilizing our CHARMED platform.

In collaboration with Agilent, we conducted a proof of concept study using carbonic anhydrase II to demonstrate our ability to perform ASMS using the gold-standard ALIS technique. Running a screen of 1600 compounds as pooled mixtures, we were able to efficiently test our methods, identifying our positive controls as well as a compound orthogonally confirmed to bind to carbonic anhydrase II and appears to differentiate from patent and literature CA inhibitors.

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