Assay Development

Assay Development for Informed Project Progression

Our bioscience specialists understand that every project is different and that to deliver a robust screening cascade capable of informing and influencing your project progression, target and therapeutic area expertise is essential. Our scientists work collaboratively with your project team, providing intellectual input to the design of flexible, reliable, assay solutions. Our assay development methods are scalable to meet altering project demands.

Elevating Compound Profiling through Specialised Screening Cascades

Working with Sygnature Discovery enables the development of fully integrated and high-quality Screening Cascades to efficiently profile your compounds to help you make more informed decisions about compound progression, accelerating your project towards a pre-clinical candidate.

We offer a broad range of Biophysical, Biochemical, Cell-Based, Phenotypic and translational assays that are customised and optimised to your requirements. This range of assay platforms facilitates the assessment of your novel compounds for their potency, efficacy, kinetics, Mechanism-of-Action, Selectivity, species cross-over, and more, in the most physiologically-relevant context possible.


Assay Development Services

Custom Assay Development

At Sygnature Discovery Nottingham, our specialised bioscientists possess the expertise and profound knowledge to develop ground breaking assay solutions for even the most challenging projects.