CNS Disorder Models

Sygnature has a unique and extensive experience (formerly under the name RenaSci) in diseases of the CNS Disorder including Psychiatric Disorders, which can be a particularly challenging field for drug development.

We employ relevant rodent models and knowledge about applicable and sensitive end-points and state-of-the-art technologies in the assessment of behavioural effects of novel drug candidates.

Examples of our validated CNS Disorder Models include:

Therapeutic indications Models and Services Main use
Schizophrenia, Psychosis Locomotor activity assessment (d-Amphetamine, MK-801 or PCP reversal) Evaluation of anti-psychotics
Conditioned Avoidance Response (CAR)
Binge Eating Disorder Model of reduced impulse control (using chocolate as a hedonistic food) Assessment of treatments for impulsivity
Substance Use Disorders

Drug self-administration Development of treatments for substance use disorders, including abstinence promotion, withdrawal alleviation and relapse prevention
Physical dependence and withdrawal
Reinstatement model of drug relapse
Locomotor sensitization
Psychedelic Therapies (for treatment resistant depression, PTSD, addiction, etc.) 5-HT2A receptor occupancy Evaluation of psychedelic therapies
“Head-twitch” assay

Established CNS-related expertise: 

  • Central administration of test drugs (e.g. ICV)
  • In-vivo models of CNS function
  • Intracerebral microdialysis for assessment of neurotransmitters and their metabolites (potential for concurrent behavioural analysis)
  • Target engagement using in vitro and ex vivo CNS receptor occupancy
  • Initial behavioural safety assessments such as Irwin test and Rotarod
  • Side effect profiling including catalepsy, pupillometry, prolactin release, weight gain and more
  • Brain and CSF drug exposure

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