Evaluation of protein biomarkers in brain homogenate and plasma from different animal models of Alzheimer’s Disease: P301S and APP/PSEN1

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a multifactorial disease with unpredictable onset and rate of progression. Consequently, biomarkers that detect and track disease progression are important medically but are also critical from an R&D translational perspective.

At Sygnature Discovery, we are utilising suitable in vivo models: APP/PSEN1 and P301S mice, both recognised models of AD and developing platforms that accurately measure biomarkers with translational applicability.

Using Jess Western blot platform (Bio-Techne), ELISA, and Meso Scale Discovery S-Plex assay (MSD) platforms, we demonstrate the capability to detect and quantify clinically relevant biomarkers including total Tau (tTau) and phospho-Tau species (pTau-S396 and pTau-T181), Amyloid β-protein (Aβ), Aβ precursor protein (APP), Neurofilament (NFL), and Presenilin 1 (PSEN1) in brain tissue and biofluid.

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