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Primary Tissues

Our scientists are able to accelerate your drug discovery programme by designing custom cellular assays using primary cells.  These assays represent more biologically-relevant systems than immortalised cell models and allow the generation of (patho)physiologically-relevant data for your novel compounds.

Primary Tissues of  body

Sygnature is able to source various animal and human primary cells, as well as healthy and diseased tissue from our established links with preferred commercial vendors, our collaboration with a local biobank and through our in-house Blood Donor Panel. These cells can be further processed within our Human Tissue Authority (HTA)-licensed laboratories for use in Bespoke in vitro Assays to support your drug discovery project.


Primary Tissues Services

Blood Donor Panel

To enable ready access to reliable source of healthy human whole blood and blood-derived cells, Sygnature Discovery has established an internal blood donor panel of healthy volunteers which is supported by our Human Tissue Act Licence.


Access to Primary Cells

Sygnature Discovery understands the importance of getting closer to in vivo predictions for drug discovery projects and being able to generate more physiologically relevant data at an early stage.


Access to Diseased Human Cells

From bench-to-patient, cells isolated from patients suffering from a disease condition can be used to create in vitro models that are more representative of in vivo human physiology and disease mechanisms.