High Throughput Chemistry

Rapid access to bespoke compound libraries is crucial at all stages of medicinal chemistry projects. Our well-established High Throughput Chemistry team is perfectly positioned to swiftly, and efficiently deliver program-defining SAR (structure activity relationship), especially useful in early hit validation and hit-to-lead projects.

Our Proven Expertise in High Throughput Chemistry

Over 5 years (2013-2018), Sygnature has produced over 41,000 drug-like molecules with novel three-dimensional character for the European Lead Factory. We have since built our own LeadFinder Prism collection (link) (2018-present day). Our expertise in High Throughput Chemistry is frequently deployed to our client projects and is accessed flexibly through standalone or integrated service models.

Our Cutting-Edge Platform

  • Fully automated processes for synthesis, purification, QC, and reformatting.
  • Variety of chemistries that are compatible with range of solvents, temperatures and homogeneous/ heterogenous methodologies.
  • Refined protocols for robust reactions for high confidence success criteria.
  • Robust enumeration, filtering and property calculation workflows.
  • Wide range of trusted building block suppliers.
  • In-house reaction-ready solubilised validated building block collections for high confidence success criteria.
  • In-house reaction-ready solubilised medchem relevant building block collections.
  • Support from a dedicated team or procurement specialists negotiate efficient sourcing of reagents and consumables to control project costs.
  • Customised mass-directed purification (ELS/UV option).
  • Each product traceable throughout the process, minimal human intervention to minimise errors.
  • Customised robotic reformatting.
  • Customised QC analysis and reporting.
  • Experience of ‘reaction to assay’ screening.

Progress in the early stages of Lead Identification and Lead Optimisation can be greatly accelerated by our teams and the use of this advanced high throughput chemistry technology.

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