Cyclic Ketones as Building Blocks for Diverse Library Scaffolds


The InnovativeMedicines Initiative (IMI) is a joint undertaking between the EU and the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA). ELF is a €200Mproject supported by IMI that aims to promote drug discovery in Europe by producing a new compound collection of 500,000 drug-like compounds for HTS openly available to the public sector for screening in a variety of therapeutic areas. 200,000 compounds will be designed, generated and synthesised equally by Sygnature Discovery and four other SMEs in collaboration with academia and 300,000 donated by seven EFPIA partners. This new Joint European Compounds Library (JECL)will focus on: novelty, shape, diversity and innovative library design to be complementary to classical compound collections held by large pharmaceutical companies. Here we present seven distinct libraries all making use of cyclic ketones as the key starting point.

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