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Hit Identification

The main focus of the Hit Identification (HI) process is to apply the most appropriate hit finding approaches to successfully identify validated hit series with the best chance of developing into drug-like compounds.

To successfully identify high-quality durable hit series, Sygnature applies a range of well-established hit finding approaches expertly tailored to your target of interest.  These different approaches can be applied in parallel or individually, depending on the nature of your project.  Hit series with the best properties for progression are identified through the careful and experienced integration of different screens and filters. A HI project generally takes 2 to 6 months to complete.

  • Virtual screening
    Collaborate with Sygnature’s leading in silico structure-based drug design group to facilitate hit finding based on protein structure or known ligands.
  • Medium or high-throughput screening
    Sygnature offers state of the art screening platforms to identify hit compounds using commercial and/or client libraries.
  • Fragment screening
    Access Sygnature’s proprietary fragment library, expert biophysics screening group and crystallography expertise to drive your fragment-based hits forward.
  • Knowledge-based design
    Sygnature’s experienced medicinal and computational chemists can use their design skills to create novel, patentable chemical starting points based on existing published ligands.

A thorough early assessment of the broader hit finding landscape of your target and subsequent hit identification strategy can significantly reduce the optimisation time and increase the success rate of developing your candidate drug.

Sygnature has a strong track record of applying tailored hit finding approaches and successfully identifying validated hits suited to future hit-to-lead and lead optimisation projects.

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