Hit Identification

Hit Identification (HI) for Drug Discovery: Best Approaches and Practices

The core of the Hit Identification (HI) process revolves around leveraging optimal hit-finding techniques. This ensures we pinpoint validated hit series with a high probability of evolving into potential drug compounds.

At Sygnature Discovery, we specialise in unveiling top-tier, long-lasting hit series. By employing a spectrum of tried-and-true hit-finding methodologies, we meticulously adapt them to your specific target. Depending on your project’s requirements, these strategies can either run concurrently or in isolation. The most promising hit series, ideal for further progression, are distinguished by expertly merging various screens and evaluation criteria. Typically, our HI projects span a timeline of 2 to 6 months.

Our Expertise in Hit Identification Techniques:

Virtual Screening: Partner with Sygnature Discovery’s leading in silico structure-based drug design unit. We’ll expedite hit identification, focusing on protein structure or acknowledged ligands.

Medium or High-Throughput Screening: Utilise state-of-the-art screening platforms to uncover hit compounds, leveraging both commercial and proprietary client libraries.

Fragment Screening: Dive into our proprietary fragment library. With our adept biophysics screening team and crystallography know-how, we’ll propel your fragment-based hits to the forefront.

Knowledge-Based Design: Sygnature’s experienced medicinal and computational chemists employ their design skills to architect unique, patent-worthy chemical initiation points grounded on pre-existing publicised ligands.

The Importance of Strategy:

In drug discovery, the difference between success and stagnation often hinges on strategy. Undertaking a comprehensive initial survey of your target’s entire hit-finding scope isn’t just recommended—it’s vital. By establishing a robust hit identification roadmap, optimisation periods are drastically reduced, amplifying the success trajectory of your candidate drug.

The Sygnature Promise:

With a robust legacy in drug discovery, Sygnature Discovery is more than just a service—it’s a partnership. Our expertise in tailoring hit-finding strategies is unparalleled, consistently leading to the identification of validated hits, and setting the stage for transformative hit-to-lead and lead optimisation ventures.


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