Biomarker Discovery

A high quality, sensitive biomarker can provide vital information to project teams throughout the Biomarker Discovery and development pipeline, information which can be used to instruct project progression strategies into the clinic.

Biomarker Discovery Identification

Sygnature’s collaborative and flexible approach to biomarker identification and validation ensures the development of an appropriate and robust biomarker that is fit for purpose.

We have developed a wealth of expertise in the identification and validation of pharmacodynamic (PD) biomarker such as genes, phosphoproteins and cytokines.

Our scientists offer biomarker discovery, identification and assay development expertise across a range of therapeutic areas.



Biomarker Discovery Services

Tumour Biopsy Analysis

Unlock New Insights with Sygnature Discovery: Our expert scientists specialise in developing targeted biomarkers for pre-clinical and Mechanism of Action studies, tailored to your Therapeutic Indication. Gain a competitive edge in drug discovery.


Gene Expression

Sygnature Discovery Nottingham excels in performing DNA and RNA isolation, purification, and analysis. Our services enable comprehensive assessment of single gene expression changes as well as transcriptome-wide expression levels.


Phosphoproteins and Cytokines

Benefit from Sygnature Discovery's extensive expertise in identifying and validating pharmacodynamic (PD) biomarkers, including phosphoproteins. Our expertise spans all phases of the drug discovery process, from early preclinical studies to clinical applications.