Integrated Drug Discovery

In the realm of integrated drug discovery, the swift and effective incorporation of essential assay data into the iterative design and synthesis of potential drug molecules plays a pivotal role in ensuring the timely delivery of promising drug candidates. This process is a crucial aspect of the drug development process, enabling the identification and optimisation of lead compounds.

Whilst many large organisations strive to break down silo mentalities that segment disciplines and create barriers to team-based problem solving, Sygnature has, from day one, adopted a highly collaborative and adaptable team structure, which is essential for streamlining the drug development process. As an integrated CRO, our teams are co-located in mixed-discipline labs to facilitate effective communication and problem-solving, allowing us to respond quickly to the changing needs of your research project.

Integrated Drug Development Process

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Communication with customers and their authorised consultants is facilitated by our excellent informatics platform to enable transparent discussion and review or revision of project strategies, an integral part of the drug development process. Discover more about what it means to work with Sygnature.

Sygnature has successfully recruited many industry-experienced scientists from across the globe to enrich and augment the drug-hunting knowledge base of our founding scientists, contributing significantly to the expertise required for the drug development process. Our scientific teams are invariably highly qualified, and each program is allocated a project leader with relevant drug discovery experience, a key figure in guiding the drug development process. All are keen to collaborate with customers to achieve their shared goals in the drug development process. Our teams’ intellectual contribution is highly valued by our customers and recognized by co-authorship in numerous published patents assigned to and held by our customer companies, showcasing their vital role in the drug development process.

Learn more about Sygnature’s approach to the various stages of integrated drug development and discovery process here:

Integrated Drug Discovery Services

Target Validation

Sygnature provides a wide range of biochemical, biophysical and cell biology methodologies for target validation, target engagement and mode of action determination.


Targeted Protein Degradation

Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD) is an innovative drug discovery approach focused on previously considered ‘undruggable’ proteins. Instead of inhibiting these proteins, TPD leverages the cell’s waste disposal system to remove them. This method utilises the body’s ubiquitin-proteasome system, marking proteins for degradation. Essentially, scientists are harnessing this natural ‘tagging’ system to break down target proteins...
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Hit Identification

Sygnature Disocvery's Hit Identification Services: Fragment, Virtual, Phenotypic, and High-Throughput Screening.



Sygnature Discovery is a premium provider of Hit-to-Lead services using its extensive expertise to assess screening hits and select the most suitable chemical series to develop into drug leads.


Lead Optimisation

Sygnature Discovery excels in transforming lead molecules into clinical-grade compounds. With a multidisciplinary approach, we optimise for potency, safety, and ADMET properties. Our proven track record, innovative solutions, and state-of-the-art informatics ensure efficient drug development. Connect with us for strategic, collaborative, and results-driven lead optimisation.


Fragment Based Drug Discovery

Screening of our proprietary fragment library will provide low molecular weight hits that can be grown in a structure guided manner to deliver potent ligands with drug-like properties.


Structure-Based Drug Discovery

Whatever the origin of the hits, a structure-based approach can accelerate the enhancement of selectivity and potency during a multi-parameter lead optimisation process.


Route of Administration

Understanding Small Molecule Drug Administration: Routes and Expertise at Sygnature Discovery Small molecule drugs are administered via many different routes, with oral (PO) being the most common due to the ease of dosing in a non-clinical setting and patient compliance. Sygnature Discovery has successfully contributed to the development of many pre-clinical development compounds and investigational...
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