Development of a screening assay platform to identify inhibitors of neutrophil NETosis

Neutrophils, key players in innate immunity, can undergo NETosis following activation. NETosis is a form of cell death in which extracellular traps (NETs), formed from the neutrophils’ own chromatin and granular peptides, are released to immobilise and destroy invading micro-organisms. Aberrant NETosis may lead to inflammatory diseases. Despite an increase in understanding of this process, the technologies required for screening compounds that modulate NETosis are not well defined.

We have characterised and validated a range of relevant assays to measure the formation of NETs in neutrophil NETosis and elucidate the effect of literature inhibitors in primary human neutrophils and differentiated HL-60 cells . This assay platform could be used to facilitate targeted drug discovery programs to identify new potential inhibitors of NETosis.

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