Drug Discovery

Sygnature’s integrated drug discovery team offers a dynamic blend of new talent and pharmaceutical industry experience recruited from around the world, with more than 85% of our scientists holding PhDs. Mixed discipline laboratories facilitate clear communication, problem-solving and a rapid response to the changing needs of each of our customers’ research projects.

Our experienced drug hunters possess all the professional skills and know-how required to undertake your most demanding drug development and discovery programs and drive them from target validation, through hit identificationhit-to-lead and lead optimisation to development candidate.

Drug Discovery and Drug Development Process

We can develop a tailored drug development process that delivers robust data – for even the most complex projects – spanning a broad range of biophysical, biochemical, cellular and live cell imaging platforms as well as translational assays.

We offer a range of hit finding approaches, including fragment-based screens, medium-throughput screening, high-throughput screening and complementary in silico approaches.

During hit-to-lead projects our high-throughput chemistry capability enables the rapid design and synthesis of novel hit expansion libraries. Subsequent refinement using computational techniques and medicinal chemistry know-how, enables our scientific teams to generate high quality leads ready for further optimisation.

We incorporate early ADMET profiling, PK/PD correlations, and human dose prediction. As a consequence, Sygnature has delivered 34 pre-clinical candidates to clients; 17 of which have already progressed to healthy volunteer and patient-based trials.

The Drug Discovery Journey

Target Identification

Target Validation


Lead Optimisation

Candidate Nomination


Our involvement in the drug discovery process

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