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Live cell and high content imaging approaches identify apoptosis inducers in cell models of triple negative breast cancer

Five year survival rates for breast cancer have shown strong improvements in recent years due to the successful identification of new and improved therapies. However, triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) has proved
challenging to target therapeutically, and is therefore associated with a significantly poorer prognosis compared to other breast cancer subtypes. In order to identify small molecules that preferentially target TNBC, two
complementary imaging platforms were used to perform multiplexed assays of cell apoptosis and viability. The IncuCyte ZOOM system allows real time kinetic monitoring of cell viability and cell death, while the ImageXpress
Micro Confocal platform is a high content confocal imaging system suitable for high-throughput screening applications. Using multiplexed assay formats across multiple imaging platforms allows high-confidence identification
of therapeutic approaches to specifically target triple negative breast cancer cells.

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