Custom Cell Line Generation

Unrivalled Expertise in Drug Discovery Research: Sygnature Discovery

For more than twenty years, Sygnature Discovery has led the industry as an acclaimed pioneer in delivering precision-crafted solutions for custom cell line generation. Our extensive legacy features a remarkable portfolio of 200+ accomplished projects and an impressive lineage of 400+ cell lines.


200 Cell Line Generation Projects CompletedOver 400 Cell Lines Have Been Generated By Sygnature Discovery


Why Choose Sygnature Discovery for Custom Cell Line Generation?

Our success is the result of a diligent functional characterisation process and the collaborative approach we take towards projects which includes our customers at every stage. Delivery of customised, cost-effective reagents that are fit for purpose reduces time spent on assay set-up and ensures a faster, more confident start to your research.

An Efficient, Collaborative Approach to Custom Cell Line Generation

Sygnature Discovery specialises in a wide range of target classes, including ion channels, receptors, transporters and cytosolic enzymes, as well as complex reporter systems for cell signalling and protein interaction studies. Streamlined processes and technical expertise ensure we overcome the challenges associated with cell line generation and guarantee the rapid delivery of robust, high-quality reagents.


Our experts design the optimal assay to aid identification and characterisation of your cell line, providing rapid delivery of well-characterised cell lines that are fit for purpose. We work closely with our customers at every stage of the process, ensuring that they receive the best cell reagents for their research needs.

The specialised recombinant cell line generation services offered by our team extend beyond membrane proteins, offering customers the ability to generate cell lines expressing cytosolic proteins and complex reporter systems, among others. This enables customers to overcome research challenges and use their in-house resources more efficiently.

Our customisable solutions include co-expression of multiple targets, inducible expression control, and a broad range of host cell types. This allows us to tailor our services to the specific needs of our customers for delivery of optimised, well-characterised cell lines that are fit for purpose.

Our Cell Line Generation Capabilities

Cell line generation at Sygnature Discovery

Extensive Cell Line Generation Expertise:

We provide challenging target solutions and in-depth functional characterisation to deliver reliable cell-based reagents that expedite your discovery research.

Broad Target Knowledge:

Our expertise covers a broad range of target classes, including ion channels, receptors, transporters and cytosolic enzymes, as well as complex reporter systems for cell signalling and protein interaction studies.

Assay Development Capabilities:

Our experts leverage a diverse array of cutting-edge technologies to design the most effective assay for characterising your clonal isolates. This guarantees the timely delivery of high-quality and robust reagents for your research program.

Streamlined Processes:

Our streamlined processes and technical expertise simplify the challenges of cell line generation, ensuring rapid delivery of high-quality reagents for your studies.

Customisable Solutions:

We offer flexible and customisable stable cell line generation solutions, including co-expression of multiple targets, inducible expression control, and a diverse range of host cell types to enable in-depth analysis of your desired target.

Efficient Custom Cell Line Generation Services:

Cell line generation

Recombinant Ion Channel Cell Lines Generation:

Our electrophysiologists provide in-depth expertise to support the development of recombinant ion channel cell lines to help identify the optimal reagents for your electrophysiology studies, enabling you to advance your custom ion channel cell lines research with confidence.

Receptor Cell Line Generation:

We employ cutting-edge cell-based assay technologies to create robust receptor-expressing cell lines and optimised assays to enable seamless integration into your research workflows.

Specialised Cell Line Generation Services:

In addition to our ion channel and receptor cell line generation capabilities, we specialise in creating recombinant cell lines expressing a wide range of other membrane proteins, as well as cytosolic proteins and complex reporter systems. With our expertise, customers can efficiently overcome challenges and optimise resource utilisation within their research projects.

Our streamlined custom cell line generation process encompasses a series of crucial stages:

  1. Precision Construct Design: We meticulously design expression constructs to ensure optimal performance in delivering exceptional cell lines.
  2. Optimal Antibiotic Selection: By fine-tuning antibiotic selection concentrations, we determine the best conditions for your specific cell type.
  3. Efficient Transfection: Cells are transfected with the designated plasmid constructs, and subsequent target expression is meticulously confirmed.
  4. Single Cell Cloning: Employing limiting dilution, we isolate single cell clones which undergo expansion under antibiotic selection, ensuring their individuality.
  5. Functional Characterisation: Each clonal isolate undergoes rigorous assessment to identify those demonstrating the most fitting functional characteristics.
  6. Thorough QC Assessment: We subject the cell lines to comprehensive quality control evaluations, including expression stability analysis.
  7. Strategic Expansion: Successful clones are expanded and stock is generated, ready for further applications.

Our refined custom cell line generation process ensures the creation of high-calibre stable cell lines that are both dependable and uniform, featuring robust expression of your desired target(s).

What Is The Final Deliverable?

Upon project completion, customers have access to robust, high-quality cell lines which have been fully characterised and functionally validated through state-of-the-art assay platforms.

Insights into cell line characteristics and performance gained throughout the development process are delivered through detailed protocols. This ensures seamless assay transfer and faster integration with your workflow.

To learn more, please contact us today to speak with our experts.