Building a Neuroscience Drug Discovery Platform

Neuroscience encompasses a wide range of diseases, from neurodevelopmental to neurological and psychiatric conditions. To establish a neuroscience drug discovery platform (NDDP), we must make careful choices. At Sygnature Discovery, we have prioritized four key pillars for our NDDP: Disease-agnostic mechanisms, Neuroinflammation, Biomarkers, and Neuroplasticity.

We complement these four pillars with (i) an emphasis on humanizing the drug discovery process wherever possible (e.g., utilizing iPSCs, PBMCs, etc.) and (ii) an extensive in-vivo pharmacology capability that focuses on assessing behavioural and ex-vivo efficacy and safety, including the use of transgenic animal models. Our neuroscience drug discovery platform adheres to industry principles, including achieving target exposure multiples, providing evidence of on-target binding, and considering PK/PD. It is driven by a multidisciplinary team of over 200 scientists who specialize in Bioscience, DMPK, and in-vivo Pharmacology.

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