A Lean Optimized Fragment Library For Crystallographic Fragment Screening

Unveil a high-efficiency path to drug discovery with crystallographic fragment screening. Our poster showcases a pioneering approach emphasizing efficiency in structure-based drug design (SBDD). This method offers direct insights into ligand binding sites and binding modes, significantly accelerating the SBDD process. We introduce a fragment library curated for high solubility, crucial for crystallographic fragment screening’s success.

Through rigorous solubility measurements by light scattering, we’ve assembled a collection of fragments that overcome common solubility challenges and validated this library with a case study on SOS2 protein. This optimized library enables rapid identification of binding hits, reducing the timeline for medicinal chemistry campaigns. Our findings highlight the overlooked potential of crystallographic fragment screening with an optimized library, confirming its feasibility and effectiveness for igniting drug discovery with actionable insights. Dive into our poster for an in-depth look at how our lean, high-solubility fragment library can streamline your SBDD projects.

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