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Sygnature Discovery is a leading centre of excellence for integrated drug discovery, offering significant know-how and expertise across a broad range of therapeutic areas and biological target classes.

More than 80% of Sygnature’s scientists possess a PhD and about 40% have been recruited from outside of the UK.  Many of Sygnature’s research scientists bring considerable pharmaceutical industry drug discovery experience which is applied to every research project we undertake for our clients.

Sygnature Discovery’s dynamic blend of youth and experience in our research scientists is further enhanced through our unique approach to laboratory working – Sygnature’s medicinal chemists, in vitro biologists and DMPK scientists, are co-located on the same research site in the same laboratories to efficiently advance our clients’ drug discovery projects into pre-clinical development.  This synergistic approach to drug discovery has delivered an admirable track record of success with 30 clinical candidates being delivered to our clients since 2011.

Key areas of expertise include oncology and immuno-oncology, neuroscience, inflammation and immunology, metabolic diseases, anti-infectives, orphan indications and respiratory disorders, across a broad range of therapeutic targets, including GPCRs, nuclear hormone receptors, kinases, epigenetic, ion channels, proteases and protein–protein interactions.

The Facts at a Glance

  • Founded in 2004 in BioCity Nottingham
  • Integrated drug discovery company
  • Research scientists are co-located in modern well-equipped labs in our
    purpose-built HQ and research facility
  • Additional laboratories in Alderley Park, UK and office facility in Cambridge, Massachusetts opened in 2018
  • Private equity-backed company
    • Financially stable
    • Senior management team are co-investors
    • Investment is funding expansion of capabilities and capacity
    • Ambitious future growth plans

Sygnature brings expertise and innovation to a range of drug discovery projects – from fully integrated programmes to those which are focused on medicinal chemistry, in vitro biology/screening, computational chemistry, DMPK, physical sciences or exploratory toxicology. This flexible approach is tailored to meet the specific requirements of the customer and provide a fully project managed solution.

We work transparently and collaboratively – we are your team at Sygnature Discovery.

Our Name

When the company was founded in August 2004 to provide medicinal and synthetic chemistry services, it was known as Sygnature Chemical Services. In September 2011, when our Bioscience department was created, the company was renamed Sygnature Discovery to better reflect our capability to design, make and test novel compounds in an integrated fashion during the drug discovery process. Sygnature is a combination of ‘synthesis’ and ‘nature’ to allude to the ‘green chemistry’ that was part of the inspiration for Dr Simon Hirst founding the organisation. With a now more mature brand, we believe Sygnature Discovery represents a unique and distinct way to operate and do business which benefits our staff, our clients and ultimately patients.

The Drug Discovery Journey

Target Identification

Target Validation


Lead Optimisation

Candidate Nomination


Our involvement in the drug discovery process

Sygnature Discovery prides itself on offering a unique, high-quality, distinctive and tailored integrated drug discovery service to our clients.

For several years we have been building a sustainable company where financial success meets enthusiastic people. We know we cannot buy culture; instead we invest in our people. Culture takes years to build and we know how important this is to find and retain the right people. By doing so we have created a friendly environment, combining youth and expertise, where enthusiastic scientists with a client-centric focus will use their skills to deliver successful drug candidates through innovation and commitment.

Our Vision is for drug discovery to be done better. We believe in doing things differently.

Our Mission is to discover, invent and implement new effective processes and pathways that will enable drug discovery success.

We Promise to give your project the best possible chance of success.

Who We Are

Sygnature Discovery provides experienced, innovative, multi-disciplinary drug discovery teams to support client projects across a wide range of Therapeutic Areas and Target Classes.


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