Accessing the highest quality drug discovery chemistry team possible is an essential component of developing a successful small molecule drug discovery program.

Here at Sygnature Discovery, we have built one of the UK’s most experienced, successful, and largest medicinal chemistry groups. Since 2005 our team, which is now >240 chemists, have provided deep and broad expertise in medicinal chemical design, synthesis and analytical chemistry resource to >200 client projects, delivering 21 candidate molecules into clinical trials to date.

Our medicinal drug discovery chemistry teams are co-located and work seamlessly with analytical/separation science, computational chemistry, bioscience, pharmacology, DMPK, formulation and informatics teams to meet the challenge presented by projects at all phases in the drug discovery process (Hit validation, Hit Identification, Hit to lead, Lead Optimisation) across a full range of therapeutic areas, target classes and compound modalities.

High levels of investment in both our medicinal, synthetic and analytical drug discovery chemistry capabilities in the form of equipment and data management systems together with the continual training and development of our team position Sygnature as an ideal partner for your chemistry project.

Chemistry Services

Medicinal Chemistry

Recognising the best path to an optimal drug profile requires experience and understanding. With Sygnature’s team your drug discovery program is in safe hands.


Synthetic Chemistry

Innovative synthetic chemistry makes a huge difference when seeking to generate novel patentable molecules with optimised properties.


Analytical Chemistry

Our advanced analytical chemistry services provide confidence in the structure and purity of our molecules, with cutting-edge tools and diverse methodologies tailored to address unique analytical challenges. We are dedicated to finding solutions that keep your projects moving forward.


High Throughput Chemistry

Sygnature has a well-established HTC lab which has been efficiently producing small, diverse libraries for the European Lead Factory for the past 5 years.


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