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The engine driving most small molecule discovery programs is the chemistry team.

Sygnature’s chemistry department is one of the largest and most experienced medicinal chemistry groups in the UK and has provided expert synthetic, analytical and medicinal chemistry resource to multiple successful client programs.

Our medicinal chemists work closely with computational chemistry, bioscience and DMPK teams to assemble a project-specific screening cascade that addresses the key challenges at each stage of the project. Our close proximity and state of the art informatics system allows a very rapid design-make-test-analyse cycle to efficiently inform decision making.

Sygnature’s team has frequently been finalists in the UK retro-synthesis competition and this high level of innovative chemistry allows us to tackle even the most challenging medicinal programs. Our investment in modern analytical instrumentation provides our chemists with the tools needed to isolate and fully characterise the molecules we make.

Chemistry Services

High Throughput Chemistry

Sygnature has a well-established HTC lab which has been efficiently producing small, diverse libraries for the European Lead Factory for the past 5 years.


Analytical Chemistry

Providing full confidence in the structure and purity of our molecules.


Synthetic Chemistry

Innovative synthetic chemistry makes a huge difference when seeking to generate novel patentable molecules with optimised properties.


Medicinal Chemistry

Recognising the best path to an optimal drug profile requires experience and understanding. With Sygnature’s team your drug discovery program is in safe hands.


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