Working with Us

No two projects will ever be the same, but there are commonly recurring challenges that hinder progress towards a strong candidate molecule. Sygnature draws on the past experience of over 180 drug discovery client projects and the collective industry expertise of our senior scientists to focus efforts on solving the key issues in your project.

Collaboration is at the heart of how we work at Sygnature. As your partner research organisation, our project leaders and scientists recognise that a combination of expert science and transparent communication are the only way to succeed in collaborative drug discovery. Rather than a simple service provider relationship, our project leaders and teams work together with our customers to create an effective joint development team – ensuring a collaborative, scientifically robust environment that cultivates success.

Of course, success can be viewed in different ways. Whilst we all strive to discover new innovative medicines, quickly disproving a hypothesis can also be extremely valuable. For example, demonstrating that a compound does not bind specifically to a target protein allows project teams to re-focus efforts on better hits and spend budgets effectively.

Transparency is key

Our project teams are led by experienced laboratory-based project leaders that are dedicated to one customer’s project. We don’t require our project leaders to manage multiple projects. Each team member will be assigned to a customer’s project for its duration, with changes occurring only in exceptional circumstances. In addition, each project has a highly experienced director assigned to add scientific insight and executive management expertise.

Whether a small or large project, our scientists communicate regularly via multiple channels. When challenges occur, some CROs have a reputation for communicating less. Sygnature prides itself on doing the opposite. Our state-of-the-art IT infrastructure facilitates effective communication and idea generation across the globe, and our ethos ensures that we use it.

Success stories

Sygnature’s scientists have a proven track record of delivering robust clinical candidates. Since 2011 we have contributed to the delivery of thirty-four such candidates, seventeen of which have already progressed and are currently undergoing clinical trials. Sygnature’s intellectual contributions to customers’ project innovation are acknowledged in the form of patent application – greater than forty applications so far.

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