Kinetics of neurite growth dynamics using live cell imaging in different neuronal cell models

During development, neurons extend numerous processes (neurites) that are critical for cell-cell communication. The measurement of neuronal morphological changes is of particular interest when studying neurodegenerative disease in drug discovery screening. The ability to assess neuronal cytotoxicity is also highly desirable to identify compounds exhibiting unfavourable properties. At Sygnature, we utilise kinetic label-free and complementary immunofluorescence high-content imaging platforms to study and quantify neurite outgrowth and structure using bespoke in vitro assays.

Our neurite dynamics assay platform is flexible and compatible with different CNS cell models, including immortalised cell lines (e.g. PC12 cells), primary rodent neurons and human iPSC-derived neurons. These models may offer the potential to bring research closer to the human disease state and provide solutions that are specifically designed to address the scientific questions important to your research.

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