Characterising the response of tumours to fractioned radiotherapy and immune checkpoint inhibitors

Do you want to know how radiotherapy and immunotherapy can work together to fight cancer?

In our latest poster, we explored the effects of different doses and schedules of radiation in combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors on tumour growth in a syngeneic mouse model of colorectal cancer.

We tested the combination of radiation with immune checkpoint inhibitors, we found that fractionated radiation delivered in smaller doses over several days was more effective and tolerable than a single high dose. Using flow cytometry, we characterised the changes in the tumour microenvironment and revealed how radiation and immunotherapy can alter the balance of the infiltrated immune cells.

Our work provides valuable insights into the mechanisms and outcomes of combining radiotherapy and immunotherapy for cancer treatment. It also offers a useful platform for testing new drugs and novel therapeutics that can potentially improve the efficacy and safety of this combination therapy.

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