Synthetic Chemistry

Advanced Synthetic Chemistry Expertise

In the realm of efficient drug discovery, the synergy between design and synthesis plays a pivotal role. At Sygnature Discovery, we take pride in fostering one of the UK’s largest and most dynamic groups specializing in advanced synthetic chemistry. Our adept team excels in both design strategies and compound delivery, enabling ground-breaking advancements in drug development.

Our Capabilities

Located across two state of the art facilities within the UK, our team of >240 chemists thrive on the challenges presented by modern drug discovery projects. Over 80% of our highly trained team are qualified to PhD level or higher. Recruited from around the globe and with an average of 9.4 years’ experience within the industry, the team are uniquely suited for deployment on a full range of synthetic chemistry projects. Key factors driving our synthetic chemistry value proposition include:

  • Deliver target compounds across a range of typical and non-typical molecular paradigms (fragments, bro5, bi-functionals, prodrugs, covalent binders, macrocycles, peptides)
  • Motivated chemists adept at independent route design/execution and troubleshooting
  • Fully digital and secure data capture and sharing e.g., electronic laboratory notebooks, raw and processed UPLC/NMR analytical data, patent-ready experimental write ups.
  • Open access UPLC and HPLC MS and NMR spectrometers for routine analysis
  • Open access semi-automated normal and reverse phase column chromatography (ELSD or multi-wavelength UV detection) for mg to multigram scale purifications
  • Extensive experience in performing and optimizing library chemistry, alongside our in-house automated purification, liquid handling and sample tracking technologies allows for rapid synthesis of targeted arrays.
  • World class separation science and NMR support team of 13 individual scientists performing analysis, purification and characterisation studies.
  • Focused investment in and utilization of enabling technologies and consumables in fields of catalyst screening, flow chemistry, gas-delivery systems (H2, CO, O3), photochemistry and electrochemistry.
  • Significant process chemistry experience to perform route development and compound delivery from mg to 500 g scale batches for non-GLP safety or formulation studies, providing process ready routes through technology transfers to 3rd party vendors.
  • Access to leading industry databases and key publication titles.
  • Support from a dedicated team or procurement specialists negotiate efficient sourcing of reagents and consumables to control project costs.

Our Comprehensive Services

Our flexible and versatile synthetic chemistry group have experience in supporting projects at all stages of their preclinical journey from hit validation to late-stage lead optimisation and beyond. We have a proven track record in solving challenging synthetic problems with robust and innovative solutions. The nature of the chemistry support your project requires can be highly customised:

  •   All project sizes and durations can be accommodated.
  •   As part of integrated multi-disciplinary projects.
  •   Standalone medicinal and synthetic projects
  •   Standalone synthetic chemistry projects
  •   Standalone analytical/purification projects
  •   Standalone HTC library/array synthesis projects 
  •   Standalone bi-functional degrader array synthesis.

Shared Dedication to Success

Every member of our chemistry department at Sygnature Discovery embodies an unwavering passion for the science we practice and shares a steadfast commitment to achieving the goals of our clients.

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