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Synthetic Chemistry

Innovative synthetic chemistry makes a huge difference when seeking to generate novel patentable molecules with optimised properties.

When embarking on a synthetic challenge, having a dedicated team by your side capable of efficiently bringing your concepts and ideas to life can make all the difference. Here at Sygnature Discovery we are proud to have cultivated one of the largest and most dynamic synthetic chemistry groups in the UK.

Synthetic Chemistry

Over 85% of our highly trained team of chemists are qualified to PhD level or higher. Each has been hand-picked from across the globe with the singular goal of bringing their experience to bear on your next endeavour. Alongside expertise in both classical and modern transformations, our team has significant experience in a broad range of specialist areas and access to state-of-the-art facilities in our custom-built laboratories.

  • Heavy investment in enabling technologies whether it be the use of electronic lab notebooks, automated purification kit, access to LCMS/UPLC in each of our purpose built labs or the presence of our own high-field NMR spectrometers provides our scientists with the necessary tools to rapidly achieve their goals.
  • Extensive experience in performing and optimising library chemistry, alongside our in-house automated purification, liquid handling and sample tracking technologies allows for rapid synthesis of targeted arrays.
  • Our Liberty 1 CEM machine provides the capacity to perform rapid automated peptide synthesis to routinely prepare 20-30 mers on ~0.3 mmol scale.
  • Our previous portfolio has also included work on carbohydrates, nucleosides, macrocycles, pro-drug and protac linker technologies, as well as solid-phase and lipid chemistries.
  • In-house metered delivery systems and a range of custom-built high-pressure vessels enable gas-phase chemistries, including hydrogenation, ozonolysis and carbonylation.
  • Large-scale batch reactors, allow us to transition compounds from mg to 100g scale on site, providing batches for non-GLP safety studies and process ready routes through technology transfers to 3rd parties.
  • Individual access to online databases and patent literature assists each of our chemists in trouble-shooting synthetic issues as efficiently as possible and in generation of novel chemical entities.
  • A dedicated team of procurement specialists negotiate efficient sourcing of reagents and consumables to control project costs.

Each and every member of the chemistry department here at Sygnature is passionate about the science we perform and shares the determination of our clients to succeed. We have a proven track record of solving challenging synthetic chemistry problems in new and creative ways, opening up the scope of chemical space available for projects and generating novel intellectual property. As your project progresses, so too will the nature of the chemistry support you require. With proficiency in everything from early stage, small-scale analogue synthesis and parallel arrays, all the way through to large-scale targeted delivery of nominated candidates, whatever the stage of your project, the chemistry team here at Sygnature Discovery will always be on hand to help you realise your goals.

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