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Our in-depth bioscience knowledge of target biology, therapeutic area specialism, and experience of working collaboratively at each stage of the drug discovery pipeline allows the efficient design and implementation of tailored high-quality assays, which help to accelerate your drug discovery programs.

Our bioscientist team is staffed by highly experienced bioscientists (over 80% PhDs), many with 10-20 years of drug discovery experience gained in pharmaceutical research (from AstraZeneca, Takeda, GSK, Merck, Novartis, Pfizer, Prosidion and many more).  More than 25% of the department has over 15 years’ first-hand industry experience in discovering new drugs, both small molecules and biologicals across a broad range of therapeutic areas and biological target classes.  Your drug discovery projects are in safe hands at Sygnature Discovery.

  • We can assist you in screening your novel compounds for a range of project-specific properties, such as cellular function and isolated target engagement characteristics.
  • Utilise the very latest technologies to minimise the risk of drug failure later in the drug discovery pipeline.
  • Offer a broad spectrum of adaptable capabilities to help you reach success with your drug discovery target in a variety of therapeutic areas.

As bioscientist pride ourselves in delivering high-quality consistent assay data to measure Structure-Activity Relationships (SAR) and define compound Mechanism of Action (MOA) to help drive your project forward.  All project data linked to experimental write-ups are stored within a powerful online Dotmatics-based web portal that gives secure access to your biological data regardless of your geographical location.

Sygnature Discovery’s Bioscience Department forms part of the talented Integrated Drug Discovery team that can enhance your drug discovery project at any stage of the process.  You will benefit from being able to access bench bioscientists directly and our bioscientist work collaboratively to address scientific needs so that your drug discovery program is given the best opportunity for success.

We have established a broad range of industry-standard in-house capabilities including bioscience, which complemented by cutting-edge technology platforms and supported by our in-depth drug discovery expertise, allow us to add value to your drug discovery program. Our team is continually enhancing the suite of capabilities available to you, mirroring the evolving discovery landscape, always ensuring that the technical expertise and drug discovery know-how underpin each of our platforms.

Bioscience Services

Cell Line Generation

Sygnature Discovery has over 20 years of exp providing custom cell line generation services resulting in 200+ projects and 400+ cell lines.


Assay Development

We design, implement and maintain your project-tailored in vitro screening cascades based on decades of experience, providing assay development services from Target Validation through to Lead Optimisation and candidate nomination.


Drug Screening

Sygnature provides a range of scalable hit identifications creening methodologies from high-content to fragment screens. Bespoke, efficient screening assays can be developed to support discovery programs in a wide variety of therapeutic areas.


Cell Based Assays

Sygnature can provide you with 2D and 3D cellular assays providing real-time and high-resolution end points to assess the impact of your target on multiple phenotypic endpoints.Capabilities include live cell imaging, high content imaging and flow cytometry, using a variety of primary and immortalised cell types.


Biochemical Assays

Sygnature offers a tailored biochemical assay development service utilising multiple assay formats in order to provide assays most relevant to your drug discovery venture.


Biophysical Assays

Our biophysicists are able to employ the latest technologies to characterise compound binding interactions at all stages of drug discovery.


Biomarker Discovery

Sygnature Discovery have a diverse range of sensitive biomarker detection platforms and assays that can be used to develop and validate biomarkers for your drug target.


Primary Tissues

Sygnature Discovery has Human Tissue Act (HTA) accreditation, an internal blood donor panel and access to human and animal primary tissues from accredited biobanks and commercial vendors to provide physiologically relevant support to your project.