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Computer Science and Informatics

Sharing data to inform decision making in real time. We believe sharing results and data is a key component for the success of our projects, as it helps to stimulate discussion, tackle problems and enable our project teams to make timely decisions. That is why Sygnature has invested in a robust, cutting-edge Computer Science and Informatic services infrastructure which allows customers from anywhere in the world to keep up-to-date with their projects.

Computer Science and Informatic services

  • Electronic laboratory note books (ELNs) with secure remote access for clients are used by our chemists (Signals) and bioscientists (Dotmatics) to allow transparent sharing of experiments and results. Our chemistry ELNs are written in a patent-ready format to allow rapid assembly of experimental methods.
  • With our informatic services we offer complete integration of all generated data (chemical, biological and DMPK) in a comprehensive database securely accessible and downloadable by customers through Dotmatics Browser for easy visualization and analysis.
  • Documents and data are easily and securely shared with customers and collaborators via Egnyte.

All of our scientists have ready access to industry standard on-line literature and patent searching capabilities, such as SciFinder, MARPAT, Thomson Reuters’ Cortellis and scientific journals.

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