Medicinal Chemistry

Navigating RD milestones en route from concept to a marketed drug product requires hard-earned experience to overcome significant intellectual challenges along the way. With Sygnature’s medicinal chemistry team your drug discovery program is in safe hands.

Our chemistry team has built a reputation as a premium medicinal chemistry services provider. We work in a collaborative and flexible manner with our clients, always seeking to leverage our wide-ranging and deep expertise as drug hunters to achieve successful outcomes. Every member of the team here will contribute intellectually to our client project success. Our impressive track record reflecting this includes:

  • 21 Clinical candidates provided to clients since 2011 in a diverse range of therapeutic areas.
  • 40 Pre-clinical candidates provided to clients since 2011 in a diverse range of therapeutic areas.
  • >160 Client Patent Publications citing a Sygnature inventive contribution.
    • >500 Unique Inventorship contributions (~85 % from lab-based staff).
  • Sygnature chemists have on average 4 years’ experience within a medicinal chemistry laboratory.
  • Sygnature chemistry project leaders have on average 9 years’ experience within a medicinal chemistry laboratory.

Our Approach:

As valued and trusted medicinal chemistry collaborator we demonstrate our expertise to our clients through the efficient hypothesis-driven design and synthesis of compounds optimised for rapid progression through appropriately-customised screening cascades. Factors contributing to our medicinal chemistry group’s success in this area include:

  • Seamless integration and with analytical/separation science, computational chemistry, bioscience, pharmacology, DMPK, formulation and informatics teams.
  • World-class practical synthetic chemists, experienced in developing routes for fast delivery of novel target compounds across a range of standard and atypical molecular paradigms (Lipinski-compliant through fragments, bro5, bi-functionals, prodrugs, covalent binders, macrocycles, peptides)
  • Highly efficient library synthesis platform for rapid synthesis of 100-1000s of compounds for rapid SAR expansion.
  • Full access to Sygnature and state of the art analysis and visualisation software packages for effective molecular design embedded throughout the department.
  • Continual and comprehensive scientific internal training programs for all our team, at all levels, to ensure application of state-of-the-art scientific methodology for our client projects.
  • Tailored resource allocation to match skill set and experience of chemist to specific project requirements.

Each medicinal chemistry project will receive a designated chemistry project leader who will be responsible for leading the scientific activities of the Sygnature team together with clear, concise, and secure external communications. In addition, a senior chemistry overseer will ensure all project decisions are scientifically and commercially robust for all projects.

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