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In Vivo Pharmacology

Demonstrating in vivo efficacy of novel therapeutics is a pivotal phase in any drug discovery programme. As a specialist in vivo pharmacology provider, we understand what it takes to design and perform robust experimental animal models that will progress your compounds towards the clinic.

We offer a unique blend of pre-validated disease models alongside bespoke model development services, tailoring every study to your project needs. We pride ourselves on our flexible and transparent style of working, and on building collaborative working relationships with our clients.

In Vivo Pharmacology

Our highly qualified in vivo pharmacology staff are uniquely positioned within our integrated drug discovery teams. This enables us to maximise multidisciplinary study support and ultimately accelerate your drug discovery efforts.

All in vivo testing studies are supported by dedicated project leaders. We offer flexible working arrangements, including standalone fee-for-service options as well as FTE-based project arrangements.

Our in vivo pharmacology experts specialise in 4 key therapeutic areas. Click on the links below to find out more:

All animal technicians and scientists are highly trained, working in compliance with UK legislation and employing the highest standards of animal welfare, including following the principles of the 3Rs (Replacement, Refinement, Reduction of animals in research). Find out more here.

In Vivo Pharmacology Services

CNS Disorder Models

Sygnature has a unique and extensive experience in diseases of the CNS including Psychiatric Disorders, which can be a particularly challenging field for drug development.


Fibrosis and Inflammation Models

We have established a range of in vivo and ex vivo pharmacology models, which enables careful assessment of drug candidates.


Metabolic Model

Our strong history of performing high quality in vivo pharmacology investigations in the growing metabolic space ranging from insulin resistance to diabetic complications means we are well equipped to guide the right choice of translatable models and necessary endpoints.


Oncology Models

Our Translational Oncology team offers bespoke, high quality in vivo pharmacology services to customers.