Blood Donor Panel

To enable reliable, ready access to healthy human whole blood and blood-derived cells, Sygnature Discovery has established an internal blood donor panel of healthy volunteers which is supported by our Human Tissue Act Licence. Having this resource in-house aids the development of physiologically relevant and scalable assays for your project.

We have experience with whole-blood assays as well as with isolating and assaying a broad range of blood cell types, including, but not limited to: neutrophils, monocytes, T-cells, NK cells, eosinophils.

Blood Donor Partners

Sygnature Discovery also has access to fresh access to animal blood via our Strategic Alliance Partners, complimented further by access to diseased human blood/tissue from our established relationship with a local Biobank.

Blood-based assays can be tailored to address specific project requirements:

  • Fresh vs cryopreserved
  • Single blood donor or pooled
  • Different isolation methods fully validated (e.g. SepMate, Leucosep, density gradient sedimentation)
  • Ability to identify particular ‘biological’ responders (e.g. proliferation, response to biological stimuli, steroid resistance)
blood donor panel

blood donor panel

We have a wide range of experience in using healthy or diseased human whole blood or isolated blood cells in a range of different in vitro assay platforms:

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