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Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)

Dynamic light scattering (DLS) is a Biophysical Technique that enables particles to be distinguished on the basis of their size. Sygnature have experience in the utilisation of this technique; using the Viscotek DLS reader, to interrogate the stoichiometry of protein-protein interactions and to identify aggregating compounds or non-specific inhibitors, adding value to our client’s discovery programs via hit validation, protein characterisation and assay troubleshooting.

DLS enables an assessment of compound, protein or protein-ligand binding complex aggregation behaviour by measuring the correlation between the intensity of scattered light over a time course. The correlation between time points is used to determine the radii of nanometre-scale objects in solution.

Dynamic Light Scattering

Dynamic Light Scattering

Figure A: DLS data for a compound at aggregating and sub-aggregating concentrations, illustrating the raw correlation functions (left) and the corresponding intensity distribution (right).  Aggregation is indicated by peaks to the right of those observed in the buffer blank.

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