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At Sygnature Discovery, we have established chemotaxis assays to measure the migration of cells through a porous membrane. This approach enables our scientists to quantify cell migration across a chemoattractant gradient and explore the effects of novel compounds that might either promote or inhibit chemotaxis. These assays can be adapted to numerous cell types and applied to drug discovery projects in Therapeutic Areas such as inflammatory disease and Oncology.

Cell migration in response to a chemical stimulus is central to various physiological and pathological processes, including wound-healing, Inflammation and Tumor Metastasis. Sygnature’s bioscientist have used their understanding of the mechanism of chemotaxis and their expertise in custom assay development to build a robust and reproducible end-point chemotaxis assay in a 96-well format, that quantifies cell numbers via ATP content, to deliver EC50 or IC50 values for activators or inhibitors of chemotaxis. To complement this assay, Sygnature have a wealth of experience in the culture of a variety of cell types as well as Access to Primary Cells and Fresh Blood via reliable and ethical sources, including the use of its in-house blood donor panel for access to healthy whole blood or blood derived cell types.


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