Screening Libraries

Sygnature Discovery has assembled several high-quality compound libraries to provide starting points for new drug discovery programs using the broad range of screening technologies available at Sygnature (Fragment Screening, MTS and HTS and Virtual Screening).

Fragment compound library of 1,700 compounds

  • MW <300 (most <250); “Rule of 3” guide used for selection
  • New fragments to be added will be represented in our other lead-finder and screening decks by related analogs from commercial database or synthesised in-house
  • Incorporates the SGC/XChem fragment deck of 700 diverse high solubility fragments which have related analogues available from Enamine catalog


LeadFinder Library of 150,000 lead-like commercial compounds

  • MW 250-400; “low complexity” lead-like compounds; diverse; filtered and QC’d
  • Will contain close analogs of new fragments for rapid F2L follow up
  • Each molecule reviewed by experienced medicinal chemist as an appropriate starting point for a hit to lead program.
  • Incorporates a sub-set of a recently synthesised 50,000 compound diversity library sourced from Life Chemicals which is available for High-content/MTS approaches – useful hits have been identified in 2 screens to date


Proprietary Screening Compound Library

  • Currently in synthesis in our High Throughput Chemistry lab based on scaffold related to the European Lead Factory initiative in which Sygnature was a significant contributor
  • Targeting 150,000 proprietary compounds MW 250-450, 90% below 400 Da; Novel 3D and heterocyclic scaffolds; diverse; filtered and QC’d
  • Will include 40,000 European Lead Factory compounds when released to Sygnature
  • Where appropriate, basic scaffolds and LMW derivatives will be added to the fragment deck


Virtual Compound Library

  • 17 million enumerated compounds library based on scaffolds related to the European Lead Factory initiative in which Sygnature was a significant contributor
  • Synthetically enabled compounds in a drug-like property range
  • MW 200-500, <5 HBD, <140A PSA
  • Novel 3D and heterocyclic scaffolds

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