Human Primary Cells and Primary Tissues

Sygnature Discovery understands the importance of getting closer to in vivo predictions for drug discovery projects and being able to generate more physiologically relevant data at an early stage which we’re able to do with our access to human primary cells.

Human Primary Cells

The use of  cells has a number of key advantages over the use of cell lines as more biologically relevant tools. They retain many of the key functional features seen in vivo and lack the mutations, and genetic aberrations seen in immortalised cell lines. In addition, with the emergence of 3-dimensional cultures, the use of primary cells is increasingly prevalent to achieve improved results.

  • We can provide a wide range of different primary cell types to support multiple therapeutic areas
  • Healthy and Diseased Primary Cells
  • Access to both Human and Animal Primary Cells
  • Options include cryopreserved and freshly isolated cells
  • Sourced from accredited vendors with supporting quality control information complete with consent and ethical approval
  • HTA licenced facilities to allow storage of human primary cells
  • In-house Blood Donor Panel for rapid provision of freshly isolated human immune cells
  • Extensive experience and expertise in the isolation and handling of a wide range of cell types

By using a combination of Sygnature Discovery in-house blood donor panel, together with our established network with commercial vendors, we can provide rapid access to a wide variety of human primary cell types derived from blood, tissue or differentiated stem cells. Utilising our extensive experience in Bespoke Assay Design, the use of primary cells in project Screening Cascades is an invaluable approach in adding confidence that pharmacology derived in surrogate cell lines can be translated into a more physiologically and clinically relevant cell phenotype.

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