Access to Diseased Human Cells

From bench-to-patient, cells isolated from patients suffering from a disease condition can be used to create in vitro models that are more representative of in vivo human physiology and disease mechanisms.

To this end, Sygnature Discovery has facilitated access to human disease cells and can apply these to undertake ex vivo functional assays to further understand human disease. Using our broad experience across key drug target classes and in multiple therapeutic areas, Sygnature Discovery can evaluate compounds to test the affect on cells derived from the target organ(s) of the disease being targeted.



  • We can source and apply quality controlled human Primary Cells from different diseases for routine screening and mechanistic studies
  • Established working relationships with multiple commercial vendors and accredited biobanks
  • Experience in ex vivo assay systems using multiple readouts and technology platforms
  • Disease tissue is quality controlled via pathology verification, clinical annotation and quality assurance
  • All human tissue is Consented and Ethically approved for research purposes
  • HTA licenced facilities to allow storage of human primary cells

Physiologically relevant biological effect assays are key to successful drug discovery programmes, and to support client projects in maximising success, we can help to replicate or mimic the disease ex vivo. Sygnature Discovery is able to isolate human primary cells on-site from tissue samples and can obtain them from our established working relationship with commercial vendors or via our collaborations with a number of accredited biobanks.

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