Fibrosis Assays

Unveiling Breakthroughs in Fibrosis Research: Sygnature Discovery’s Advanced In Vitro Fibrosis Assay Models

At Sygnature Discovery, our scientists’ profound grasp of cellular models and expertise in fibrosis pathology has culminated in the creation of a robust, predictive in vitro model designed for precise exploration of organ-specific fibrosis. Leaning on cutting-edge confocal microscopy, this versatile model thrives in both 2D and 3D cell culture formats, redefining fibrosis pathology investigation.

Our advanced fibrosis models are indispensable tools, pivotal in advancing compound profiling across an array of client projects wherein organ-specific fibrosis takes the forefront. Sygnature Discovery’s commitment to excellence radiates through our meticulously tailored models, driving illuminating discoveries and innovative solutions to the forefront of fibrosis-related endeavours.

Notable Attributes of Sygnature Discovery’s Fibrosis Model:

  • High-Throughput Profiling: Our fibrosis assay model empowers efficient profiling of potential anti-fibrotic agents through advanced high-throughput techniques, anchored by biomarker expression analysis. Dive deep into fibrosis-related parameters, from stellate cell activation and extracellular matrix deposition to pro-fibrotic mRNA expression fluctuations and intricate fibrotic signaling events like TGF-β/Smad3 and TGF-β receptor dimerization.
  • Insights into Mechanism of Action: Immerse yourself in compound Mechanism of Action studies as our models provide a holistic view of their impact on fibrosis-related processes. A wellspring of insights to fuel informed decision-making across your drug discovery odyssey.
  • Integrated Hit Identification and Lead Optimisation: Elevate your drug discovery initiatives through our models, seamlessly supporting the Hit Identification and Lead Optimization stages. Our dedicated scientific team contributes intellectual finesse, guiding project screening strategies, progression pathways, and the meaningful interpretation of data.
  • Rat Kidney Fibrosis Model: A gem in our offerings, the high-content imaging rat kidney fibrosis model stands ready for high-throughput screening of anti-fibrotic compounds. A bespoke avenue for targeted explorations.
Fibrosis Assays

Embark on a transformative foray into fibrosis research, accompanied by Sygnature Discovery’s unparalleled in vitro models. Our unwavering dedication to scientific excellence, complemented by leading-edge technologies, positions us at the forefront of augmenting fibrosis understanding and propelling breakthroughs.

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