Phenotypic Screening

Unlock Novel Targets with Phenotypic Screening in Disease Models

Phenotypic screens, conducted in both healthy and disease-relevant primary cellular models, offer a strategic advantage in reducing attrition rates often encountered in target-based screening. At Sygnature Discovery, we leverage our extensive expertise to conduct phenotypic screens utilizing both immortalised cell lines and primary models, bolstering our repertoire of in-house target-based Hit Finding strategies for our esteemed clientele.

What are Phenotypic Screens?

Phenotypic screens involve assays that gauge intrinsic effects within a biological system, transcending specific target definitions. In contrast, target-based compound screening hinges on quantifiable effects linked directly to a known target or pathway.

Why Opt for Phenotypic Screening?

Phenotypic screening emerges as a powerful avenue for unearthing new chemical entities in intricate therapeutic landscapes or in scenarios where the disease target remains elusive. Our seasoned scientists lend their diverse therapeutic domain knowledge to craft tailored phenotypic assays and swiftly unravel complex screens, as necessary, adding substantial value to your phenotypic discovery endeavours.

Seamless Phenotypic Screen Implementation

Harnessing varied assay platforms like live cell imaging and high-content imaging, we have mastered the art of designing and implementing phenotypic screens. Moreover, Sygnature’s well-established network of healthy and diseased cell and tissue providers ensures that your assay is rooted in a contextually relevant and data-rich environment.

Elevate Your Drug Discovery Journey

Elevate your drug discovery journey with Sygnature Discovery’s comprehensive phenotypic screening services. Our refined approach offers a gateway to discovering elusive therapeutic targets and novel chemical entities. Partner with us to uncover the hidden potential of phenotypic screens in your quest for ground-breaking therapeutics.

Phenotypic Screening

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