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Phenotypic Screening

Phenotypic screens run in healthy or disease relevant primary cellular models can help to reduce the attrition rates commonly observed with target-based screening and identify new targets. At Sygnature Discovery, we have extensive experience of running phenotypic screens using either immortalised cell lines or relevant primary healthy and disease models, to further complement the array of in-house target-based Hit Finding approaches offered to our clients.

Phenotypic screening is defined as an assay which measures a desired, endogenous effect in a biological system, with that effect being agnostic of a defined target. In comparison target-based compound screening is defined as an assay where the measured effect is directly dependent upon a known target or pathway. Phenotypic screening presents as an attractive approach for the identification of novel chemical matter for therapeutic areas with complex disease mechanisms or where the disease target is unknown. Our scientists can add significant value to your phenotypic discovery programs using their breadth and depth of knowledge across multiple therapeutic areas to design appropriate phenotypic assays and to rapidly deconvolute phenotypic screens, if required. We have experience of establishing phenotypic screens using a range of assay platforms, such as live cell imaging and high content imaging. In addition, Sygnature’s established network with providers of healthy and diseased cells and tissue means that your assay can be established in a relevant and information rich system.

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