Custom Assay Development

Sygnature Discovery’s Expertise in Custom Assay Development

At Sygnature Discovery, our bio scientists bring specialised expertise and deep knowledge to the table, enabling them to craft unique assay solutions, even for the most challenging projects. Their proficiency is enhanced by a vast experience in supporting various stages of the discovery pipeline. The outcome? Timely and robust Custom Assay Development that not only meets its intended purpose but also smoothly integrates into a comprehensive Screening Cascade.

Our scientists can recommend novel approaches and develop custom solutions for your application when commercially-available assays are unavailable. These validated assays can be created ‘from scratch’, developed in collaboration with commercial suppliers or transferred from your laboratory, with any necessary optimisation made so they are suitable to meet your projects demands. Our scientists undertake a careful iterative evaluation of potential parameters that may affect your assay, taking necessary steps to ensure your assay is always capable of meeting project demands.

Sygnature’s approach to custom assay development is further complemented by robust data analysis that we strongly believe is critical in delivering high-quality interpretable information to advance your discovery programs.

At Sygnature Discovery, we follow key principles during client interactions to develop custom biological assays:

  • Understanding the assay purpose
  • Identifying different assay formats
  • Developing or sourcing optimal assay reagents
  • Monitoring assay performance
  • Options for automation and scaling
  • Optimisation
  • Quality control via statistical validation

By adopting this approach, we can address one of the most significant key challenges in drug discovery, namely time and cost.

We ensure that our Custom Assay Development offer:

  • Increased relevance of biological information via comprehensive validation of reagents and assays
  • Efficient experimental design to maximise value-adding information

Your novel compounds can be assessed for their potency, efficacy, kinetics, Mechanism-of-Action, Selectivity, species cross-over, and more, which we endeavour to assess within a physiologically-relevant context.

Example developing a custom assay to support hit finding activities for novel targets:

  • A custom PPI assay was developed to identify specific site-directed inhibitors
  • There were no commercially available reagents
  • We recommended AlphaScreen because of its sensitivity

We undertake optimisation of assay formats to improve assay throughput, reduce time and costs for our clients.

If you are unable to find an assay that fits your needs on our website, then please contact our team to discuss other custom assay options we can offer to meet your requirements.

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