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Drug Screening

Our bioscientists work closely with you and your Chemistry, Computational Chemistry and DMPK teams to deliver carefully tailored, informative and efficient drug screening programs using state of the art equipment, to deliver fully characterised hit, lead and candidate series.

Our scientists can support your project through the provision of reliable, flexible and robust Iterative screening to accelerate your Design-make-test-analyse cycle. In addition, we can undertake tailored Mechanism of Action (MOA) studies to provide a deep understanding of your compounds engagement with the target to inform your compound progression and design strategies.

Drug Screening Services

Screening Cascade Development

When designing tailored, streamlined and informative screening cascades our scientists have the experience to ensure the continual delivery of high quality, reliable data throughout the lifetime of your project.


Iterative Screening

Design-Make-Test-Analyse cycles to expedite the progression of your project through the discovery pipeline.


Screening Libraries

Sygnature has assembled several high-quality compound libraries to provide starting points for new drug discovery programs using the broad range of screening technologies available at Sygnature (Fragment Screening, MTS and HTS and Virtual Screening). Fragment compound library of 1,700 compounds MW <300 (most <250); “Rule of 3” guide used for selection New fragments to be...
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Medium and High Throughput Screening

Sygnature’s scientists are experts at designing bespoke hit finding solutions, with tailored screening approaches.


Fragment Screening

Fragment Based Drug Discovery (FBDD) utilises a range of biophysical techniques, such as surface plasmon resonance (SPR), microscale thermophoresis (MST), differential scanning fluorimetry (DSF) (also termed fluorescent thermal shift assay; FTSA), X-Ray crystallography and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), to screen fragment libraries for specific binding to a biological target. Fragment Based drug Discovery Sygnature has...
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Mechanism of Action (MOA)

Sygnature Discovery is expert at applying different, complementary approaches that can be taken to identify compound MOA.