Substance Use Disorders: Withdrawal alleviation

To explore therapeutic interventions targeted at ameliorating withdrawal symptomology, we use a rat model of physical dependence and withdrawal. This model allows us to profile withdrawal symptoms following repeated administration of the drug abuse, and to then explore whether putative therapeutics can reduce this withdrawal syndrome. Test compounds effective in this model may have therapeutic potential for helping drug dependent patients achieve abstinence.

Withdrawal-induced physical dependence can occur following sub-chronic dosing of CNS-active drugs


  • We offer a rat model for assessing physical dependence and withdrawal using a detailed checklist of over 40 different parameters
  • This model can be used to assess whether novel treatments reduce the withdrawal symptoms associated with drugs of abuse
  • The example data below show the development of withdrawal symptoms when b.i.d morphine administration was stopped on day 28

We also offer cessation of drug self-administration approach, reinstatement model of drug relapse and locomotor sensitization.