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High Throughput Chemistry

Sygnature has a well-established High Throughput Chemistry lab which has efficiently produced small, diverse libraries for the European Lead Factory.

Over 5 years, Sygnature has produced over 40,000 drug-like molecules with novel three-dimensional character for the European Lead Factory. Our expertise in High Throughput Chemistry is also available to client projects and is especially useful in the hit-to-lead stage of the drug discovery process to rapidly expand hits and explore structure activity relationships.

  • Fully automated process for synthesis, purification and QC
    • Robotic reformatting at each stage
  • Each product traceable throughout the process by barcoded vials
    • Eliminates human / typographic errors
  • Mass-directed purification (ELS/UV option)
    • Single tube collection – compatible with wide range of structures/chromophores
  • Refined protocols for a range of robust reactions
    • Ambient to high temperature, wide range of solvents,
    • Homogeneous and heterogeneous methodologies

Progress in the early stages of Lead Identification and Lead Optimisation can be greatly accelerated by our teams and the use of this advanced technology.

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