Sygnature upgrades western blotting capability with Jess instrument from Protein Simple

Sygnature Elevates Western Blotting Capabilities with Innovative Simple Western™ Jess Instrument

Sygnature Discovery has taken a significant leap forward in enhancing its western blotting capabilities by embracing cutting-edge technology – Simple Western™ Jess instrument from Protein Simple.

This state-of-the-art device revolutionises protein expression level monitoring and measurement across diverse projects, offering a suite of advantages that lead to remarkable efficiency, elevated throughput, and superior data quality.

The outcome is unparalleled accuracy in quantification, ensuring researchers attain more insightful results.

At Sygnature Discovery, our commitment to advancing drug discovery projects for our clients drives us to continuously seek out innovative technologies and techniques. The acquisition of the Simple Western™ system underscores our dedication to optimising our support capabilities.

The Simple Western™ platform introduces a paradigm shift by presenting an automated, high-throughput approach to western blotting. By harnessing capillary-based protein target separation according to size, it eliminates the conventional manual gel and blotting steps. In their place, the system deploys automated separation and detection processes, culminating in remarkably swift data analysis within just three hours.

The Jess instrument facilitates the analysis of an impressive 24 samples per run. It offers robust immunodetection capabilities through a trio of channels: chemiluminescence and two fluorescence channels (IR and NIR). This empowers multiplex analysis of diverse protein targets of interest using a single sample.

Moreover, the Simple Western™ system supports seamless protein normalization without compromising any of the available detection channels. This innovative feature enables the measurement of total protein content within the sample, allowing effortless run-to-run comparisons.

The applications of this ground-breaking technology span various domains, encompassing target protein phosphorylation quantification, as well as DC50 and Dmax determination for precise targeted protein degradation assays.

For deeper insights into Sygnature’s expertise in proteome targeting, we invite you to explore our comprehensive article.

Should you have any queries or wish to engage in discussions about our capabilities, we eagerly await your reach-out. Feel free to contact us via our convenient online form. Your inquiries are important to us, and we look forward to connecting with you.

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