Fluorescent Thermal Shift Assays (FTSA)

Also known as ThermoFluor, differential scanning fluorimetry (DSF) or temperature-dependent fluorescence (TdF), FTSA exploits the phenomenon whereby the binding of a ligand enhances the thermal stability of its target protein, this phenomenon can be used to provide real-time information with respect to compound-target engagement. Although a simple technique, a Fluorescent Thermal Shift Assay has the power to add valuable information at various stages of a drug discovery project.

Using an environmentally-sensitive fluorescent dye, FTSA quantifies in real-time the thermal melting of a protein. Compounds that produce a significant shift in the melting temperature of the target protein are identified as true binders. Sygnature Discovery uses a CFX384 RT-PCR System to perform these assays and our scientists are experienced in the analysis and interpretation of FTSA data.


Fluorescent Thermal Shift Assays

Figure 1: Illustration of the fluorescent responses observed as a protein unfolds in a thermal shift experiment

Fluorescent Thermal Shift Assays Graph

Figure 2: Data from a thermal shift experiment assessing the binding of the GST inhibitor S-octylglutathione

Thermal Shift Assay

Figure 3: Data illustrating the correlation in compound binding affinities obtained by thermal shift (FTSA) vs. SPR


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