Montana Molecular Cell-based Biosensor Assays for GPCR Drug Discovery and Characterization

Discover our new suite of assays to detect GPCR-mediated responses in live cells using genetically encoded biosensors from Montana Molecular. These assays are tailored for scientists who demand the latest in high-throughput GPCR drug discovery and characterization.

Montana Molecular biosensors illuminate GPCR signalling, offering green/red biosensors for kinetic and endpoint responses, compatible with high-throughput and multiplex formats. These assays can be carried out on your cell type of interest, including primary and iPSC-derived cells through the use of BacMam transduction.

Our study has rigorously validated and ranked AT1R agonists’ responses in terms of potency and pathway bias. These assays can be tailored to measure signalling relevant to a variety of GPCRs and downstream pathways.

Download our findings to elevate your research and harness the power of our advanced biosensor technology for your groundbreaking discoveries.

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