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The Tecan in use at Sygnature's labs

Sygnature provides equipment to Government’s COVID-19 testing efforts

Sygnature Discovery is actively bolstering the Government’s COVID-19 testing strategy through a significant contribution: the deployment of a vital instrument. This pivotal machine, the Tecan Freedom EVO 100, has been allocated to streamline and expedite sample analysis at the inaugural Lighthouse Labs established by the UK Government in Milton Keynes.

At the forefront of technological advancement, the liquid handling prowess of the EVO 100 automates the intricate process of pipetting across multiple samples within biological testing laboratories. In stark contrast to manual pipetting, the EVO 100 operates at a markedly accelerated pace, substantially enhancing assay throughput and expediting sample analysis. Moreover, the equipment fosters heightened reproducibility of assays, while concurrently optimizing the allocation of resources and testing apparatus.

Acting swiftly, the Prime Minister’s Office engaged with Dr. Simon Hirst, Sygnature’s visionary Founder and CEO, shortly before Easter. This led to the prompt arrangement for the Government to acquire the EVO 100 on the morning of April 15th, 2020. While conventionally deployed within our high-throughput chemistry group for the synthesis of our corporate compound collection, the machine has temporarily shifted its focus. Presently, our efforts have been redirected to channel resources towards client programs, temporarily scaling down our chemical library operations.

In addition to our steadfast support of the UK Government’s COVID-19 testing endeavours, we are harnessing our expertise in drug discovery to actively combat the pandemic. Collaborating with esteemed UK-based academics, our initiatives encompass the design and synthesis of innovative compounds targeting COVID-19, alongside the metabolic evaluation of potential drug candidates. A dedicated team of adept drug-hunters has been internally assembled to contribute to the resolution of this global crisis. Concurrently, dialogues with charitable organizations and biotechnology firms are ongoing, with the aim of applying our specialized antiviral drug discovery proficiencies. Acknowledging the pivotal role of the scientific community in surmounting the challenges posed by the coronavirus and COVID-19, we are unequivocally committed to offering our support in any capacity possible.

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